Noticing Nature: Monarchs and Honeybees

This summer I let one of my flowerbeds go completely wild. It has a couple peonies planted there, but they never bloom very much and when they do it doesn’t last very long. Since I have gardens around the entire perimeter of my house and garage, plus a couple others, I have a hard time keeping up with the weeding. So, I let this one go. And it quickly filled with milkweed. Most of the milkweed is now 6 feet tall and blooming. I hoped it would attract monarch butterflies. And guess what–it did!

Monarch on milkweed. Photo by Naomi Krueger.
Monarch butterfly on milkweed. Photo by Naomi Krueger.

I had so much fun watching this beauty flit and float around the milkweed and my backyard. She was kind enough to pose for a couple pictures.

monarch flying
Monarch butterfly flying over milkweed. Photo by Naomi Krueger.

And then I saw something I didn’t expect on the milkweed—a honeybee! Glorious! These little guys are struggling, and they are SO SO important for our planet. So I praised God to see this one enjoying the milkweed blossoms. I hope he has friends nearby.

Honeybee on milkweed. Photo by Naomi Krueger.
Honeybee on milkweed. Photo by Naomi Krueger.


I want to transform this flower bed into a full fledged butterfly and bee garden. I already have the milkweed. I just need to rip out the rocks and fabric underneath that’s doing a terrible job of keeping out the weeds, so I can plant wildflowers.

These little creatures are easy to ignore… until you pay attention and look up close. They are astonishingly intricate. It’s amazing to me that small insects like a honeybee or a monarch can make such a difference for the ecological health of our world. We need them to pollinate our plants so we can eat. And they’re pretty fascinating to watch too.

What did you notice in nature this week?


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