What is White Culture?

I know I’ve been posting a lot lately… I hope this bombardment isn’t unwanted. I’ve just been finding so many interesting things I want to explore and discuss My self-control has been losing out. When I get excited about something it’s hard for me to hold it in.

Christena Cleveland’s blog (one of the best blog’s on racial reconciliation out there) hosted guest writer Daniel Hill today on the topic of white identity.  Here’s a sneak peak of Hill’s “7 Stages of White Identity”:

Though I was semi-conscious of other people’s cultures growing up, it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I began to have any sense of belonging to a culture myself. Because white culture and the dominant, overall culture of America overlap to such a high degree, it’s hard for many of us who are white to understand and embrace our own racial-cultural identity.   It’s often compared to a fish trying to describe the water it lives in – he is unable to, even when he tries.

Please read this article. It definitely resonated with me. I’d sure like to hear what you think, too.

If you identify as a white person, how would you define your culture? What stage of white identity–as Hill outlined–do you relate to the most right now? Is there a different stage you would add?

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